Family of St Elizabeth Secretary Stabbed to Death by Jealous Lover, Said They Saw Suspect Running From Her Room

Latest Jamaica News, St Elizabeth (McKoy’s News): St Elizabeth Secretary Stabbed to Death by Jealous LoverNeville Sinclair, the father of 26-year-old Nevia Sinclair, the secretary who was allegedly stabbed to death by her jealous boyfriend while she slept at her home in Brinkley district, St Elizabeth, on Sunday, says he saw his daughter’s killer running from her bedroom.

I saw Jermaine run from the room, through the gate and then mi hear when him motor car drive away,” Mr Sinclair stated.

I never know that I of all person would have to go through something like this, my daughter murdered by her boyfriend who I thought was a gentleman,

Mi welcome him inna mi house, and thought him was a good person, but mi never know seh him would come kill off mi daughter before wi very eyes and then him have the courage fi a call mi phone and a ask mi seh a what him hear seh happen to Nevia.

Mckoy’s News visited the home of the slain woman where dozens of relatives and other community members gathered outside the family home showing their sympathy and condemning the gruesome act.

In the meanwhile, the police reported that shortly after 10:00 p.m, Nevia was asleep in her room at the family house, when a lone man gained entry to the house by climbing through her bedroom window, and stabbed her to death.

Relatives discovered her suffering from stab wounds and summoned the police. Upon the arrival of the lawmen, the scene was processed and the female pronounced dead at hospital.

In the meanwhile, police say one man, Jermaine Miller, of a Hatfield and Goshen address in the parish, and who has been identified as the boyfriend of the slain woman, has since been taken into custody in connection with her death.

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