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Family of Sisters Killed in St Mary Motorcycle Accident Seeking Assistance with Funeral Expenses

Five Vehicle Collision

Jamaica Crime News, St Mary: Sisters Killed in St Mary Motorcycle Accident Our news team has learnt that the immediate family of the two sisters who were killed in a motorcycle accident, in the parish of St Mary, on Sunday, May 5, are now seeking assistance to foot the funeral expenses of both girls.

Councillor of the Oracabessa Division, Sheldon Kidd, is now making an all-out attempt to assist the family. According to Kidd, he is appealing to members of the public who can assist the family, to do so, because it is quite an uphill task to bury two sisters at once.

The two sisters 22-year-old Nacoda Bryan and 16-year-old Simone Bryan, lost their lives while travelling on a motorcycle, being driven by their neighbour, 36-year-old Radolf Henry.

Reports by the police are that about 3:30 a.m., both sisters who were at a function being held in the area, asked Henry who is their neighbour to drop them home.

Both girls were pillions on the motorcycle being driven by Henry, when on reaching a section of Oracabessa main road, he lost control of the motorcycle which collided into a wall.

Henry and both girls sustained injuries, and they were rushed to hospital, where they were pronounced dead.

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