Family Members of Alleged Three Chains Gang Leader, Speaks out in his Defence 

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Jamaica Crime News, Manchester: The Mandeville police have reported that several threats, via telephone calls, have been made to the Mandeville Criminal Investigation Branch Department, by persons claiming that their will be bloodshed in the parish if the police did not release alleged gangster, Rohan “Boomhead” Smiley.

But several family members to Rohan Smiley, who has been labeled as a gang leader by the Manchester police for some time now, and who was taken into custody along with another family member on Friday, January 19, have now come out in his defense, saying he is no gang leader.

This after the  police have reported that Smiley and the other accused, are Persons of Interest, in connection to a series of murders which have taken place in the parish in late 2018.
One Family member of the accused man told our news team that,  Smiley, his brother and another man were shot and injured, while two other men were shot and killed during a drive-by shooting which occurred in Three Chains community last October.

Following the shooting, the police came out publicly and branded Smiley as a gang leader, while stating that it is believed that he was the intended target.  Smiley in defense came out openly and told reporters that he was not involved in any form of gang activities.

Smiley stated that he was not a gunman, nor was he the leader of any gang, and that he was not involved in any gang.

“Yes I agree that in years gone by, I got myself mixed up, but I was sentenced to prison and after spending six years, I filed an appeal, and I won my appeal and was released,” the alleged gang leader stated.

According to Smiley, he has since changed his life completely and has been doing honest farming, where he now owns a large farm with pigs,  operates a coal mine and cultivates ground provision for market distribution.

” I am also a victim, but the police have been releasing reports which brand me to be mixed up in gang activities, but I am not.”

One family member who wishes to remain anonymous, told our news team that, since the shooting on October 13, which left two male community members dead,  and Smiley along with his brother and another man injured,  the alleged gang leader has been living in fear of his life.
In the meanwhile, officers attached to the Mandeville police station, say they have now beefed up security presence in and around the station.

Rohan Smiley speaks


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