Family and Friends Mourn the Passing of “Bumpa” Jamaican Dancer

Jamaican Dancer “Bumpa” Breaks Neck While Dancing At Party
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Latest Jamaica News, St James (McKoy’s News): The community of Rose Heights in St James has been transformed into a depressed zone, following the tragic passing of Roxanne “Bumpa” Evans, the exotic dancer who fell and broke her neck, while dancing with friends in Hanover on Wednesday morning.

Evans who is 27-years-old and the proud mother of two children, was well-loved in her community.

Shi love to dance, a pure dance shi dance, Olive Clennon, mother of the deceased woman told McKoys News, when we visited the community on Friday. My daughter was a lovely girl who loved her dancing, and was a jovial and loving individual to everyone,

Roxanne left the house pon Tuesday evening and sey shi a go out wid friends, and mi Neva know seh that would be the last time mi go si har,

Mi hear seh shi go a Hanover wid some friends a party and a dance pon har head, and one of har friends Jump pon har and bruck har neck,

A Wednesday morning mi deh a yard mi get the call seh them rush har inna a hospital, and wen wi rush to the hospital shi caa talk to nobody, all shi could do is shake har head, and the doctor dem seh har neck bruck inna three place,

Honestly mi neva know seh shi would a  dead, because the doctor dem did a seh shi need a piece a iron inna har neck, but by the time mi fi pay the money and them rush har to Falmouth hospital shi dead,

The distraught mother also made mention of the other female who persons are accusing of causing the accident.

The girl wha dem call moo-moo come to mi and seh shi sorry and it is an accident, but a still dont known what to seh, because Roxanne dun dead already.

In the meanwhile, the entire incident which was captured on videos and has since been going viral on social media, has caught the eyes of millions of person who share mixed reactions.

Most persons are lashing out at the female who attempted to jump over Roxanne while she was still on her neck, while others are lashing out at the danger stunts pulled by these girls while dancing.

One promoter told our news team that what the dancers were doing at the time of the accident was nothing new, it is just an unfortunate situation.

Head top and girl a Jump ova girl, a nu nothing new,” he stated. “Dem perform a my club and mi si dem do stunt like dat all the time, it’s nothing to dem, the girls dem good pon what them do, but this one incident was just an accident weh moo-moo judgement was not accurate.

An fi tell the truth shi jump over Bumpa all the time wen dem a dance, as far as mi know the girl dem a fren, but a people want turn this ting Inna something else, and dem need fi stop it.” the popular promoter stated.

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