Fake witness lands in hot water – Woman tells lies on innocent man

Fake witness lands in hot water - Woman tells lies on innocent man
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A tearful Jane Brown* sat in her yard as she explained how she continues to pay dearly for a lie that she says that she was forced to tell the police in 2012.

Brown has been charged with perverting the course of justice, and is scheduled to appear in court later this month.

Her problems arose from the time she alleged that some thugs insisted that she make a false statement in a murder case.

“I almost sent a man to prison that didn’t commit a crime. Mi know inna me heart that what I was doing was wrong but I had very little choice. But when dem tell mi at court to swear on The Bible, I just couldn’t do it,” she said.

Brown said that a man was killed in her presence in 2012 but she “never really see the face of who did it”.

She said that the night after the incident, she was told to leave the community or else she would die.

“Mi move and one day seven man come to mi and say I must tell the police that is certain man kill the man and not them. I was afraid so I did it. Them say anyhow mi nuh do it, they were going to kill my children,” she said.

Brown not only gave police an eyewitness statement, but she also pointed out the ‘killer’ in an identification parade.

She now says that her conscience could not allow her to keep the lie going.

“Mi feel bad because is a little youth who mi grow and a nuff times mi see him and ask him for things and him give me. Mi never feel good but mi couldn’t run from mi conscience,” she said.

Brown said that she eventually fled the community and lived in several different parishes in order to protect her life, even as she tried to dodge the proceedings in court.

She said that she even got baptised last month. But all this time, the man that she had ‘identified’ still had to stand trial for murder.

“Dem carry mi go court because trial was going on. Mi tell the officer say mi did lie in my statement and mi can’t dash away the youth because him have children and him innocent. Mi go court and mi explain miself and the judge set the youth free and tell mi say I am free to go,” she said.

Brown thought everything was over but shortly after stepping outside the courtroom, the same policeman placed her in handcuffs, and charged her with attempting to pervert the course of justice.

“All a dis a teach mi a lesson say nuff time yuh see some man behind bars and dem innocent. A pressure mi get pressure and threatened why mi tell lie. But thank God mi conscience speak to mi and mi talk the truth. I am really sorry for everything,” she said.

*name changed

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