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Facebook shutdown- Facebook shutdown feature requested by Rev. Jesse Jackson

SS the Showstopper
By SS the Showstopper

A 30 day Facebook shutdown of the live feature on the social media giant, is a stern request by noted civil rights activist Rev. Jesse Jackson.

The rather frightening, distasteful and extreme violent images being shown since the live feature was added to the facebook, is a cause for drastic and immediate change that seems to be giving light and promoting bad behavior in people.<>br>

Rev. Jesse Jackson does not stand alone in the request for the Facebook shutdown of the live feature, Chicago officials are also putting it to the multi billion dollar social network, that they eliminate Facebook live feature for 30 days while they figure out ways for videos of gross and grotesque violence, with reckless behavior be flagged and removed instantly.

In speaking with reporters, the reverend said “Facebook shutdown of the live button would help Facebook itself enforce that it not be used as a platform to release their anger, their fears and their foolishness.”

The Cook County commissioner Richard Boykin and father Michael Pfleger, a priest and known civil rights activist are in solidarity with the reverend and are asking that they add an emergency feature during the 30 day shutdown.

They believe 30 days is adequate time for Facebook to strategically implement a feature, well advance to prevent future occurrences, like the killing of Robert Godwin on Easter Sunday.

Robert Godwin, a 74 year old man was approached by one Steve Stevens, who complained about his fiance leaving him after 3 years, executed Mr. Godwin live on Facebook while walking home from his family’s house after having Easter Sunday dinner.

The civil rights activists are saying this should not have been on facebook and the fact that it was there for hours before being removed, is an indication that something has to be done to prevent this from ever making social media.


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