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Facebook maniac Steve Stephens dead after committing suicide

facebook maniac dead
By SS the Showstopper

Facebook maniac dead by one bullet to the head, after committing suicide in broad daylight while evading law enforcement officers since he posted frightening videos online.

Steve Stephens, the ‘Facebook shooter,’ has reportedly shot himself after being spotted by police in Erie, Pennsylvania.

According to Cleveland Police Chief Calvin Williams, Pennsylvania State Police received a 911 tip. Mr Stephens’ vehicle was spotted in a McDonald’s parking lot near Erie, approximately 100 miles east of Cleveland, Ohio.

State police attempted a traffic stop and “after a brief pursuit,” Mr Stephens, the facebook maniac dead from committing suicide, Mr Williams confirmed.

He said federal law enforcement partners had searched that area on 17 April when Mr Stephens mobile phone signal pinged and had gone back to do a more thorough searches on 18 April.

The shooter, Steve Stephens, 37, had been on the run for nearly 48 hours after filming himself walking up to and shooting dead Robert Godwin, 74 in Cleveland, Ohio.

Mr Godwin was just walking down the street on Easter Sunday when Mr Stephens pulled up to him and shot him in the head. It appears to have been a random killing.<br.

Stephens  broadcast the killing on his Facebook account, where he executed the elderly man Robert Godwin. It remained for three hours. His account was later suspended by Facebook.

After the initial search in Cleveland, the search radius had been continuously expanded until it went nationwide on 17 April.

Mr Williams said the police, FBI, and US Marshals Service have been  “getting calls from all over the country, as far away as Texas.” <br.

Steve Anthony of the FBI and Peter Elliott of the US Marshals Service confirmed that the manhunt for Mr Stephens was a top priority for both federal agencies.

Reports of Mr Stephens being spotted near Philadelphia on 17 April resulted in several schools being put on lock down. The reported turned out to be a false alarm.

CNN reported that Mr Stephens, who worked at a behavioural health agency helping at-risk children, had gone to visit his mother the day before the murder according to his Facebook video.

He reportedly told her that he was suicidal and likely to kill people, however he felt he was not taken seriously.

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