Fabian Lawrence wants his Praises and Respect

Jamaica News, Montego Bay: St James born, Fabian Lawrence is so proud of himself as a veteran footballer for Rusea’s High School in Lucea, Hanover. On a daily basis, he reminisces on the good old days of playing for Rusea’s High School in the Dacosta Cup Football Competition. He boasts on how his ability helped Rusea’s to win eight championship titles in the mid-eighties. ‘I was the star footballer for Rusea’s, I played for the school three years and won eight championship titles, all now no one have given me my credit.”

Fabian is best known in football circles as Pirate. He is now a bus loaderman on St James Street. He lamented the fact that the school have not given much recognition to him over the years when the Dacosta Cup season comes around.

During the eighties, he was coached by Emerson Henry who he said is one of the best school boy football coaches in Jamaica. Some of the titles he won were, the Dacosta Cup, Ben Francis, Oliver Shield and the Nutrament Shield. All these memories are still at the school, but he felt that he did not get the credit he deserves, as all these are over 30 years ago.

During his heydays at Rusea’s he played alongside Anthony Dennis, Linton Stewart, Donald Hewitt and Caple Donaldson.

After graduating from Rusea’s High School he went on to represent African United in the St James Domestic League, and then went on to represented Seba United. At one time he was invited to the “Jamaica National under 20”  trials but never reach far, as his form declined with his age. ‘I need my honor, its a longtime i’m waiting, not because I’m on bad times, said a disappointed Pirate.



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