Exclusive: Lesbians “cry foul”

Exclusive: [Mckoy’s News] Lesbians “cry foul” –  The recent cancellation of the Montego Bay Pride annual week of activity, have the Lesbians of the group ‘crying foul’ as this year’s event is forced to cancel due to high-security risk to the population made possible by hateful utterances

The event would have hosted its launch party, talent show, film festival, VIP party, and a culminative beach day activity.

Here they took to expressing their disappointments
‘I have sent invitations to friends overseas who were prepared to book their flights, head to Jamaica to enjoy the experience of being together in a safe and friendly space, where we can feel free to be ourselves!’ said Jess.

‘We are being forced from using public spaces where we can be ourselves and this yearly fun-filled event is CANCELLED because they don’t understand what pride and love are’, stated Mia,  I am so UPSET!! LET US BE!

The LGBTs are not hurting anyone so why do the ignorant public show us hate when we are about LOVE!? MoBay Pride is a good event it helps us cope with issues, when we meet we can talk with others whereas we don’t get to do so throughout the year, we can express our hugs freely without FEAR of being HARMED!! We are out of your ways minding our business! Wailed Camay.

Exclusive: Lesbians "cry foul"
Exclusive: Lesbians “cry foul”

Coordinator of Montego Bay Pride, Sharlene Kessna-Duncan stated ‘The spaces we sourced are meant to offer freedom of self, expression and movement, its a place where some persons are just beginning to becoming aware with self-identity and need to be free to consult with kindreds, mingled.
Pride is not just about ‘gay-ness’ its the opportunity to be educated through real testimonials and watching films of what happens locally and in international sphere to the LGBTQI populations, where to seek assistance as they are ridiculed at public facilities, the Pride event offers HIV/STI testing, information and counseling on safer sex, which is scarce in government entities.

It amazes me, this is the same cohort for whom the Jamaican Government will seek funding from international funding agencies in the name of ‘working’ with LGBTs to acquire some DATA then discard them, looking good on paper needs to change!! It makes the clinical work much harder, they go underground and MOH  complains when they can’t meet the funders target, I am saying get your acts right LGBTs are HUMAN BEINGS, they are counted in the census population.
Equality for All!

Jamaica should NOT get left behind as we did with Marijuana!.


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