Ex-Police Crushed by Drunk Cane Truck Driver, in Bloody Westmoreland Accident

A former sergeant of police died from injuries he sustained in a bloody motor vehicle accident, which occurred along a section of the Barahm main road in the parish of Westmoreland, on Wednesday afternoon.

He has been identified as 48-year-old Christopher McDaniel, of Whitehouse, Westmoreland, and former police officer who served in the Westmoreland police division up to the time of his dismissal on corruption charges in 2019.

Reports are that about 4:20 pm, McDaniel was driving an Isuzu cold storage truck, owned by Cole’s Seafood and More, along a section of the Barahm main road, while 65-year-old Alrick Knight, of Rasberry Close in Mandeville, Manchester, was driving a trailer truck laiden with sugar cane, which is owned by Wray and Nephew Company.

The cane truck was travelling from the directions of Amity crossing to Frome sugar factory, when knight who was in the process of negotiating a corner, lost control of the vehicle, which overturned.

The weight of the trailer and its cargo fell on top of the motor truck being driven by McDaniel, and he along with the entire cabin area of the vehicle was crushed, resulting in pieces of his flesh and his organs being splattered all over the crushed out vehicle.

The police were summoned to the scene and McDaniel was transported to hospital where he was pronounced dead. Knight, on the other hand, was tested for influence of alcohol, and was reportedy charged with driving with Excess Alcohol on his Breath.

Traffic officers also reported that, Knight has previously been involved in two other accidents, one, a three-vehicle collision which occurred along the Peppers main road in 2018, and another last year, along the Maggoty main road, in St Elizabeth.

Sergeant McDaniel, got himself in hot water with the law in July of 2017, while he was the sub-officer assigned to the Savanna-la-mar police station.

It is reported that a team of officers attached to the Narcotics Division intercepted a truck being driven by McDaniel in Green Island, Hanover, and carried out a search of the vehicle.

During the search, the lawmen discovered 48-knitted bags containing 2,445 pounds of compressed ganja, resulting in the police Sargeant, and two other occupants of the vehicle, a farmer, and an auditor being taken into custody.

McDaniel was convicted in December of 2018, for the offence of trafficking and possession of ganja, and despite a not guilty plea, he was sentenced on February 1, 2019, and fined $15,000 or twelve-months in prison for possession, and $750,000 or 18 months in prison for trafficking.

McDaniel was also sentenced to served one-year in prison, which was suspended for three years.

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