Everything You Need For Your Baby

Everything You Need For Your Baby: Whether you are becoming a new parent for the first time or on your way to having another baby; there are tons of products out there just beaming at new parents and grandparents, designed to get you ready. However, with all these products things can get confusing, especially for a new parent who just need to know the essentials to get before the baby arrives – so that they don’t waste money with the unnecessaries.

We came across Jen Reviews online and found this exciting, must-read article on everything you need for your baby!! You will become an expert at choosing baby products after you have read Jen’s article! If you are not expecting, it is good to read for the future, or just share the link to Jen Reviews with someone who may need it now or later!

Have you Ever Heard of a White-Noise Generator?

We gave the White-Noise Generator Five Stars: White noise has proven very effective for babies.The Generators are made with sounds that are very similar to those your baby would be accustomed to in the womb. These sounds may include the mother’s heartbeat, blood flow, and breathing. The White-Noise Generator will help your baby sleep, as it drowns out sounds that would normally keep a newborn awake. The best thing is that White-Noise Generators are relatively low-cost and have a selection of sounds to choose from.

 Protecting Your Baby From the Sun

Babies under 6 months do not have a well-developed layer of skin to withstand the rays of the sun. They should not spend any time in direct sunlight. Before 6 months your baby’s skin cannot protect itself against the sun’s harmful rays.

Sunscreens: Doctors do not recommend that you use any sunscreen on babies under six months, therefore, avoiding the sun during the hottest parts of the day should be practised, this is usually between 10 a.m and 2 p.m.

Even for older babies, you should avoid exposing them to direct sunlight for extended periods. If they must be in the sun, they should wear protective clothing, hats, sunscreen and sunglasses, etc.

Baby Bouncers and Rockers

Baby bouncers and rockers are great!  If you have ever had a fussy baby, then you know that bouncers or rockers are miracle creators. They soothe, entertain and stimulate your baby. There are two main types of baby bouncers: The baby door bouncer and rocker chairs. Bouncer or rocker chairs vary widely in what they offer, some include simple toys, while others are moderate to very elaborate.

Some chairs have a built-in rocking motion and even music, which are great for stimulating your baby’s senses and early development. Bouncers and rockers are also aids in calming your fussy baby.

Baby Food Maker

4 Ways to Achieve a 5-Star Rating with Short Term RentalsHere is another favourite. Wow! This inventor must have thought about all working parents and those who are fussy about the nutrition their baby gets out of food. Baby food can become very expensive to keep up, therefore, baby food makers are great for moms and dads on a budget. They take the stress out of making food for your baby. A baby food maker makes routine tasks such as grinding, blending, chopping and milling a breeze. To have meals ready for your baby at any time of the day, at the right temperature, get a bottle warmer also.


A thermometer is an essential piece of equipment for any parent. It is important to keep the bath water at a warm temperature, not too hot and not too cold as babies get cold easily. The recommended temperature for your baby’s bath is 36 – 38 degrees Celsius. It is also key to remember not to put your baby in the bath with the water still running, as the temperature of the bath could alter or the water could become too deep.

Best For: Managing the temperature of the bath water.


Replicate Mom’s Heartbeat

A newborn will thrive best if (s)he is kept close to their mom’s chest. Listening to mom’s heartbeat can help your baby transition better to the new world. Did you know that keeping a ticking clock in your baby’s nursery will imitate the sound of a mother’s heartbeat? This mimics the familiar sound of what your baby heard when they were in the womb, which could be comforting for your baby, who may associate it with sleep.

Make The Room Calm

Most new parents are excited and often buy their baby every toy they can afford. According to science, the simpler the better. Clutter can be a distraction for your baby, making it harder for them to settle down. Keeping the room simple and calm encourages relaxation, and thus a better night’s sleep.

Stroke Their Nose

4 Ways to Achieve a 5-Star Rating with Short Term RentalsRaise of hands if you knew this one! Stroking a baby’s nose in a downward motion can be soothing for your baby and encourages them to close their eyes. This helps to settle a fussing baby, it works on older children too, although may take a little longer.


Jen Reviews has so many reviews on just about everything that you need. Please continue to read about everything you need for your baby, here.

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