EU Plans to Make Film Festival an Annual Event

Jamaica News: The European Union (EU) Film Festival will be back next year, and the organisers are promising that the event will be bigger and better.

The festival returned to Jamaica this year after a long break, and plans are to make it an annual event.

“Next year, we want to make the festival bigger, but also take it outside of Kingston if we can,” said Head of the EU Delegation to Jamaica, Ambassador Malgorzata Wasilewska, at a recent JIS Think Tank.

The EU hosted the film festival from May 14 to 20, in collaboration with its member states, as part of activities to celebrate Europe Month. During the week-long festival, Jamaicans were able to see a series of films from various European countries free of cost.

Ambassador Wasilewska noted that 10 films from different countries were shown in foreign languages with English subtitles.

There was a special screening of the film ‘The Commitments’ at the Ambassador Theatre in Trench Town.

“It was quite an experience. We had unprecedented attendance,” Ambassador Wasilewska said.

She told JIS News that the staging of the festival provides an opportunity for Jamaicans to learn more about the richness and diversity of European countries, including member states like Poland, Slovakia and Slovenia.

She said that the EU would love to showcase other aspects of European culture, providing there are sufficient funds.

“We did the festival on a shoestring. It would not have been possible without the fantastic cooperation of member states and honorary consuls here on the ground,” she noted.

Meanwhile, Ambassador Wasilewska said she wants to see more educational and cultural exchanges, noting that there is a demand for Reggae music in Europe.

“There are many artistes going to Europe. There is a big demand for that even in my own country of Poland, which is very keen on reggae music. But we need to expand that both ways and look for opportunities,” she said.


Source: JIS News

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