Essential Workers Being Used to Exit St. Catherine

The Jamaica Constabulary Force is now revealing that they are investigating reports that some essential service workers who are allowed to enter and exit the parish of St Catherine during the seven-day COVID-19 lockdown there, have been trying to bring out persons who aren’t allowed to leave.

Senior Superintendent of Police, Stephanie Lindsay, head of the Corporate Communications Unit (CCU), is revealing that they are now looking into allegations of essential workers who are using their vehicles as taxis for non-essential workers who live in the parish and are using the former to exit the parish.

She is revealing that if caught, the essential worker will be asked to exit the vehicle and the other persons asked to return.

She added that there are also reports of persons trying to take in food to persons in the parish. The authorities warned that if these persons taking in food are allowed to enter the parish, they will have to remain there until the lockdown ends.

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