Erectile Dysfunction and Relationships

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Erectile Dysfunction and Relationships: Erectile Dysfunction is the inability for a man to achieve an erection or orgasm.  This, in a relationship, can deprive a woman of sexual pleasure and many men experience psychological distress such as stress and depression.  Saying this, it is not the end of a relationship.  Working together with your loved one will give you both more joy than sorrow in the relationship.  The first step to surviving this problem is to be faithful to each other.  It does not help your relationship to see sexual help outside the union.

Faithfulness is the first step.  Thereafter, admit there is a problem.  Whether it can be solved or not, that’s not the argument here.  Encourage your beloved to contact a doctor to have a medical checkup.  It could be a good idea to offer to go to the doctor together if he so wishes.  Give him your full support.  This should not be an opportunity to have a fling on the side.  It should be the time of your lives where loyalty and togetherness plays a very important role.

If his penis is not giving you the pleasure you so desire, there are many ways you both can fulfill each other’s desire.,  There is a reason why there are so many members on the body part.  If one area is out of function, try another.   Maybe a woman may feel a great part of her life is gone but it is not.  How would you feel if you were in his situation?  Would you like him to be unfaithful to you?  Keeping another woman with you and cheating?? No, you would not like that, so dear women, please be kind to your man.

You can actually renew your level of intimacy at a higher level.  Be intimate with each other.  It makes a difference. It is also important to educate yourself on the topic.  Learn what happens to a man that suffers from impotence and learn how to fulfill both his needs and yours.

This condition can affect your beloved more than you are aware, so be very patient with him.  Respect him for the person he is.  Remember, he has a diagnose he is not the diagnose.  Love, cherish and respect him.

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