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End Bullying Campaign Launches Website

End Bullying Campaign Launches Website

End Bullying Campaign Launches Website


The End Bullying Globally campaign has added another dimension to it ambitious initiative with the launch of its official website, which is aimed at troubled youngsters facing the pressures of bullying, as well as crime and violence.

Antonio McKoy, founder and chairman of End Bullying Globally, told The Gleaner that the website is to work in tandem with the growing campaign, which is designed to steer the nation’s youths along an acceptable path.

“We believe that bullying is one of the main sources for hard crime, and that is why we want to push this campaign via a dedicated website where people can go,” said McKoy, who also heads the charity organisation Le Antonio’s Foundation. “So, if a child is bullied or anything relating to bullying, there are people willing to help, whether it is victim support or group support, which we are launching on the website. So anybody anywhere who needs support, this website will be able to provide the information to help you.”

McKoy further outlined that the website is also tuned to help reform bullies who want to turn over a new leaf.

“Bullying is a big issue in Jamaica, but it is not taken as seriously as it should,” stated McKoy. “This website is going to act as a source for everything. We will be highlighting all kinds of information about bullying. We will be hosting self-help methods on our website and directing people and victims as to where to get help, how to identify a bully, how to deal with a bully, as well as helping bullies to realise that what they are doing is wrong and [showing them] the likely end results of the actions.”

According to McKoy, psychologist and anti-bullying ambassador Dr Julian Walters will be leading the website’s support group. However, he is reaching out to wider Jamaica to get on board with their other partners as Hanover Charities has done.

“We are asking young people to get on board as ambassadors for the campaign. People of influence as well should not just step back, but come forward and offer themselves as ambassadors. Be a voice of the campaign,” McKoy urged.

“We know bullying is wrong, and so, we should come together. No matter how quiet your community is, someone there is being bullied, so we want every responsible citizen in Jamaica to join the End Bullying Globally campaign and be a part of the team.”

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