Emmanuella and Company to Depart Norman Manley Airport on Thursday

Emmanuella and Company to Depart Norman Manley Airport on Thursday: Child star comedian from out of Nigeria, Africa Emmanuella Samuels, will depart Jamaica this Thursday, August 17. The child star and her crew have left several pleasant memories with the Jamaican people since arriving on the island over two weeks ago. They appeared on five shows across the Island pulling out several thousands of patrons to the venues.

At the moment plans are in place for the crew to be managed by Tango Entertainment Company of Montego Bay, Jamaica. They will be visiting England, Canada, USA and other parts of the Caribbean. Since being here, Emmanuella has visited several places, taking photos with her many fans. Children from all walks of life encouraged their parents to take them out to the Emmanuella comedy series. The seven-year-old star is so witty with her jokes that she has developed several million fans on YouTube with the Mark Angel comedy videos. So many persons wanted to take photos with her at her show series that it was almost a stampede.

Here are some photos of her first-day arrival in the city of Montego Bay.

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