Eminem Destroys Trump In Vicious Rap On BET Hip Hop Awards

United States of America (Yahoo)- Eminem Destroys Trump In Vicious Rap On BET Hip-Hop Awards: On BET’s 2017 Hip Hop Awards, Eminem had literally nothing good to say about President Trump in an original rap. In Eminem’s cypher, he gutted Trump and headed straight toward the big issues of the day — how Trump has handled natural disasters, gun control, and NFP players taking a knee — saying, “This is his form of distraction, plus he gets an enormous reaction when he attacks the NFL so we focus on that instead of talking Puerto Rico or gun reform from Nevada, all these horrible tragedies and he would rather cause a Twitter storm with the Packers.”

Eminem spoke out against how Trump dealt with Charlottesville with “support for the Klansmen” and for taking extravagant trips, but he also had no tolerance for Trump’s supporters. Adopting a twang accent, he said, “He’s gonna get rid of all immigrants. He’s gonna build that thing up taller than this. Well, if he does build it, I hope it’s rock solid with bricks. Cuz like him and politics I’m using all of his tricks, cuz I’m throwing that piece of sh*t against the wall until it sticks.”

In the end, Eminem had a clear message of intolerance to his fans who are also Trump supporters, and he said that protesting Trump is not un-American, saying, “We love our military. We love our country. But we f*cking hate Trump.”

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