Emancipation Day is Saturday August 1

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Emancipation Day, a public holiday, will be observed on Saturday, August 1,
2020, as scheduled.

Some people believe that because the day falls on a weekend it will be observed
on the following Monday. However, Director of Public Relations and Communication in
the Ministry of Labour and Social Security, Vando Palmer, says the legislation that
governs public holidays has not made any provision for a change of the day on which
Emancipation Day is to be observed if the holiday falls on a Saturday.

He said the Holidays (Public General) Act, stipulates that the first day of August
(or in case the first day of August falls on a Sunday, then the following Monday), shall be
known as Emancipation Day.

“In the case of this year, it will fall on a Saturday and not a Sunday and, therefore,
it will be celebrated on the Saturday,” he told JIS news.

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