Kingston Jamaica (Mckoy’s News)POLICE STATION BOMB SCARE: The police hierarchy in Kingston say they are now putting better strategic security measures in place following Saturday morning, June 3rd 2017 failed bomb attack at the Elliston Road police station.

Mckoy’s News learnt that, about 5:00 am, Police Control in Kingston received a unanimous phone call that the guard room at the  Elliston Road police station had been fire bombed.

The Police Control immediately got in touch with the station and made inquiries. Several officers on guard room duties went outside to investigate and discovered a Molotav Cocktail Bomb.

The bomb was discovered in a shattered Apple Vodka bottle lying beside a wall with a towel which was used as a “wick,” among the splinters.

Mckoy’s News media house further learnt that a guard on duty reported hearing a loud bang on the wall to the guard room about 2:00 am in the morning.

A team from the Scene of Crime Unit was immediately called in to process the scene.

One officer related that the officers could have been seriously injured even killed if the Cocktail bomb had ignited.

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