Elephant Man Floored By ‘Slimmaz’ Dancer During Performance

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Dancehall artiste Elephant Man took a fall during a performance on Thursday night for a Jamaican Independence virtual street dance aired on Live TV while attempting to do a risqué dance move. The 44-year-old Energy Gad has been working out with celebrity trainer Patrice White, but it appears he may need to incorporate more strength training.

During the performance, the Pon de River artiste dressed in all black and his hair neatly styled, beckons one of the yellow jumper clad dancers to “run run come,” and “jump” in an attempt to perform a popular street dance routine.   In the dance move, the female dancer usually launches herself towards her male partner who catches her on his hip which would lead to him “daggering,” her to show off his sexual prowess and fitness.

It seems that he was no match due to the coronavirus putting him out of practice as some fans jokingly alluded, or maybe his pant was too tight as it took him only two seconds to collapse backward with the dancer still on his hip.

Elephant Man made light of the situation as the DJ pulled up the song and said, “pull up mi neva ready.”

He rolled to the side and laughed as he said, “Ms. Pat, the greatest is wicked,” referring to his personal trainer Patrice J. White.

“No, hear mi nuh, ladies, I am Energy Gad, the stage was slippery, ah chu we deh ya sweat,” he tries to explain while laughing, much to the amusement of the DJ and other persons present on set.

White, on the other hand, asked for an explanation from Ele via her Instagram account. Reposting a clip of falling, she said, “big and baxcide serious. You never ready? A slimmas, look how baby girl slim and trim.”

“When people see you walking up and down Hillcrest with the 300lbs styre attached to you waist a hope everyone member this. As an entertainer and the ever so HYPE Energy God, yuh must always be ready,” she added with a rolling eyes emoji.

Elephant Man has been training with White, who also trains Beenie Man and his girlfriend Krystal Tomlinson since the COVID-19 pandemic started. He has lost some weight but not before his many hilarious antics during workouts with Pat, who is an intense trainer that focuses on strength and fat loss. Elephant Man is often seen on Pat’s videos as she pushes him. His many cop-outs and her strong warnings keep fans entertained.

Fans took to White’s post laughing at Ele. One fan said “give him 10 extra burpees.”

Another said, “more leg days needed, lol.” Another one replying to the post commented “Yeess Ms. Patrice I knew you were going to fix hi baxside bare slackness gwaan last night.”

It seems that Elephant Man is definitely going to get Pat’s harder workouts, and he better stop eating the rice as she told him!


Source: Dancehallmag

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Feeding Programme – Le Antonio’s Foundation

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