Educational Scholarships Awarded to Children of JLP Workers

Latest Jamaica News, Montego Bay (McKoy’s News): The JLP has one more in the bag. In July the Honourable Prime Minister launched the JLP educational scholarship/bursary for the nation’s children.

The scholarships have been awarded to students pursuing degrees in specific subject areas and are named after former JLP Prime Ministers —Edward Seaga (Economics), Hugh Shearer (Engineering), Alexander Bustamante (Mathematics and/ or Computer Science), Bruce Golding (Sciences), and Donald Sangster (Agriculture).

The bursaries were awarded to workers or children of workers for the 63 Constituencies. They were awarded two hundred thousand each towards their tertiary education.

Selected from St. James Central by their Member of Parliament, the hard-working, trendsetting, Mr. Heroy Clarke,  were Naomi Alves and Kristen Francis whose parents have been dedicated workers of the JLP.

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