Minor Standoff Between JLP and PNP Supporters on Nomination Day in East Portland

Jamaica News, Portland: As Nomination Day got on the way in East Portland, on Friday morning, March 15, the police had to be called in to quell a minor standoff between JLP and PNP supporters.

Our news team learnt that shortly after 9:00 a.m., PNP supporters were in a jubilant mood along Allan Avenue, while awaiting the arrival of their candidate Damion Crawford.

A team of JLP supporters attempted to pass along that same stretch of roadway, and this almost turned out in a physical confrontation, if it was not for the swift actions of the police.

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Minutes later the crowd was sent in an uproar as PNP candidate Damion Crawford arrived on the scene in the company of PNP Party President, Dr. Peter Phillips.

The police say they are expecting an incident-free day of nomination in the East Portland Constituency, as dozens of party delegates representing both the ruling Jamaica Labour Party (JLP), and the People’s National Party (PNP), turn out to the Port Antonio Court House for the Nomination Day encounter.

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