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“E- PICK ” is a weekly Friday commentary post on www.mckoysnews.com, where Amber Crowl [Radio Personality, Host, Writer and activist] discusses music and an integral part of Jamaica’s culture and entertainment – the impact on our communities, the struggle of the Jamaican Music, and highlights of the success Jamaican has seen through music… Dj amber welcomes your talk back options and conversions, and comments on Mckoy’s News.

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Greetings and well wishes to all my music lovers in the world.

This is your weekly update of topical issues which occur on the entertainment scene, with a keen eye on the Reggae & Dancehall arena. Each week I will do my best to give a good review, introduction or reminder of some of the moments, personalities and situations which deserve our attention.


As a Radio DJ, music is so much a part of my life – I have seen how much music influences people’s minds, moods and even attitudes. Many souls are touched by the sounds of the instruments, lyrics, voices and melodies which emanate from your speakers and mine. It has been said that “music alone shall live” and I know that when all is said and done, music is just as important to our lives as the food we eat and the air we breathe. There is no human civilisation which has passed through the earth without a form of music being part of their socialisation. Even nature sings to us. From the howling of the wind, to the swaying of trees in the breeze and the chirping of birds. We hear the sound of music all around us.


Jamaica has been known for it’s contribution to the Entertainment of the world, with our Reggae & Dancehall beats, which are irresistible to millions of people across Continents. No doubt about it, Jamaica’s music has reached the masses and has stood the test of time. Recording Artistes, Producers, Composers, Songwriters, Actors, Play-Wrights, Comedians, Musicians, and other Entertainment Industry stakeholders continue to interest the world with an immense amount of talent. This is why I believe that our Entertainment Industry and it’s stakeholders should be treated with way more respect and recognition for it’s part in Jamaica’s prominence in the world.


Unfortunately, many ills continue to plague the Entertainment Fraternity and the Government of Jamaica continues to short-sell, exploit and ignore stakeholders’ concerns.


I have much more to say, but that’s it for now. Join me next week for another in the Series “E- PICK” where I take an objective look at the Entertainment Industry in Jamaica and around the world.


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