e-Learning Encouraging Students To Care For Devices

e-Learning Encouraging Students To Care For Devices

e-Learning Jamaica Limited (e-LJAM) is encouraging students who received tablets under the Government’s Tablets in School Programme and the Own Your Own Device Initiative, to care for and protect the devices.

“The devices should be used primarily for educational purposes and cared for so they can function optimally. On the e-LJAM website, students and parents will find videos that speak to the use and care of the tablets/laptops such as how to clean the surface of the device and the usage of protective casings,” Acting Chief Executive Officer of e-LJAM, Andrew Lee told JIS News.

He explained that there have been reports of devices being damaged and misused.

“We have heard of reports of food and liquids being spilled on the devices, the devices being used without the protective accessories provided by the government and being dropped, resulting in cracked screens and dents. The devices are an investment in the education of our children, and we want the parents and guardians to help ensure that the students use them correctly,” Mr. Lee stressed.

He further noted that observing cybersecurity is another way students should protect their devices from viruses and software threats such as hacking.

“Children should be mindful of the websites they visit and ensure their anti-virus software is activated and up-to-date. They should not click on suspicious links or share their passwords, as unscrupulous persons can use these security breaches to gain access to the device and cause the system to malfunction,” he urged.

More than 125,000 tablets have been issued to students, under the Tablets in School Programme.

e-LJAM is a limited liability Company, established in 2005, as an agency of the Ministry of Science, Energy and Technology (MSET) and is responsible for implementing e-Learning Projects in collaboration with the Ministries, Departments and Agencies of Government.


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