Driver Still on the Run, After Ill-fated Garbage Truck Crushed 7-year-old Clan Clarthy Student to Death

Latest Jamaica News, Kingston (McKoy’s News): Garbage Truck Crushed 7-year-old Clan Clarthy Student The driver of the ill-fated garbage truck that overturned on 7-year-old student Benjamin Mair, remains on the run.

The police say that the owner of the garbage truck has since reported to the authorities, however, the driver is still on the run, and he is facing manslaughter charges.

Reports are that Benjamin was at school on Monday afternoon when an unmanned garbage truck hit a schoolgirl, crashed into a taxi and then overturned on the young boy, killing him on the spot. One adult is said to have received injuries during the incident.

Meanwhile, a makeshift memorial was set up for Benjamin at the Clan Clarthy Primary School at the spot on the school compound where the tragedy occur.




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