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Driver Killed, Seven Tourist Injured in Trelawny Crash


Minister of Tourism, Edmund Bartlett, has expressed his sincere regrets over a motor vehicle accident that took place along the Duncans main road in Trelawny, on Saturday night, October 30, leaving one man dead, and seven tourists injured.

Bartlett says it is with the deepest regrets that he sends condolences to the relatives of the motor car driver killed in the crash, and the seven tourists, five Americans and two Cuban nationals, who were also injured in the accident and have since seen treated at hospital.

Reports by the Duncans police are that about 9:00 p.m., the seven tourists were being transported in a minibus to their hotel in St Ann, when the vehicle collided with a Nissan motor car.

The driver of the motor car and the seven tourists suffered injuries and were rushed to hospital, where he was pronounced dead, and the tourists treated.

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