Dramatic Twist in Case Where St James Man Was Chopped To Death, at Bogue Village

Jamaica Crime News, Montego Bay: An incident where one man, chopped another man to death at Bogue, in Montego Bay, St James, has now taken a dramatic turn, after the accused stated that the deceased made sexual advances at him, after tricking him to believe that he was a woman.

According to the accused, the dead man, 38-year-old Damion “Django” Royes, a front desk clerk, employed at the Jewel Resort, pretend to be a female on social media, and he invited him to his friend’s home at Bogue Village, Montego Bay, believing that a female was coming over.

The 23-year-old old accused, who is a security guard, hails from Long Bay, in Portland, said he is presently staying with the owner of the house in Bogue Village.

According to the security guard , several weeks ago, he met a female on social media, and he had been corresponding with the mystery woman ever since.

On Wednesday, he invited the mystery woman over to his friends home in Bogue Village, thinking that they would have a good time, as his friend was not home at the time.

The accused man related that he was sent into shock when Royes turned up at the house, at Ocean Boulevard, in Bogue Village, allegedly indicating that he was the mystery female.

The security guard further stated that while inside the house, he went into a rage after he discovered that he was tricked, and an argument developed between himself and Royes.

A machete was brought into play, which was used by the security guard to inflicted several chop wound to Royes head, face and other parts of his body.

The owner of the house then drove home and became curious upon seeing his home in total darkness.

After he entered, he stumbled upon his friend standing over Royes body and immediately summoned the police. The accused was subsequently arrested.


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