Dr. Tamara O’Neal Shot and Killed Inside Hospital

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The shooter, Juan Lopez, shot three other people, two fatally — a police officer and a pharmaceutical assistant — before turning the gun on himself in one final, cowardly act. Aside from O’Neal, Chicago police officer Samuel Jimenez was pronounced dead along with the pharmaceutical assistant, whose name was not announced immediately. In all, four people died.

O’Neal was described as “a critical care specialist” whose job it was to “diagnose and treat patients with life-threatening conditions like heart attack, drug overdose, shock, or massive bleeding.” According to ABC Chicago, she “had recently broke off an engagement with the gunman.”

Condolences for O’Neal and Jimenez flooded social media with reports from people who knew them.

And don’t forget Samuel Jimenez: a Chicago police who lost his life in the line of duty trying to save lives from a shooter at a hospital.
Chicago Police Superintendent Eddie Johnson described a chaotic scene in the hospital following an initial shooting outside of the hospital in a parking lot, where O’Neal was shot. Lopez then reportedly entered the hospital and kept shooting, leading to a shootout with police. That was when Lopen was killed, though it was not confirmed if he was shot or killed himself.

A procession of police officers could be seen in Chicago Monday night.

A Chicago police procession that will transport the body of slain CPD Officer Samuel Jimenez to the Cook County morgue is set to begin shortly. PO Jimenez was among three people shot to death this afternoon at Mercy Hospital.

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The police procession from University of Chicago Medical Center to the Cook County medical examiner’s office has started. Chicago Police Officer Samuel Jimenez’s body is being transported in a Chicago Fire Department ambulance. pic.twitter.com/bHB5sZuqbe

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Chicago Hospital Shooting Victim Dr. Tamara O’Neal Was Reportedly A Victim Of Domestic Violence

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