Dr. Alexis Sues President Of JLP Youth Arm

St. Mary (McKoy’s News)- Dr. Alexis Sues President Of JLP Youth Arm: On October 14, 2017, Howard Chamberlain, President of the Jamaica Labour Party (JLP) affiliate youth group, Young Jamaica, published statements which are considered defamatory to the People’s National Party (PNP) candidate for South East St Mary, Dr. Shane Alexis. As a result of this, attorneys representing Dr. Alexis has since filed a defamation lawsuit on Thursday in the Supreme Court against Howard Chamberlain.


The suit has been brought against Chamberlain in both his role as group president and in his personal capacity, arising from the statements which were already published.


Attorneys representing Dr. Alexis wrote to Chamberlain, advising him of the perceived defamatory nature of the statements in a media release that was issued above his name, on behalf of Young Jamaica, and demanded a retraction and apology by 4:00 p.m. on October 17 on terms that were satisfactory to Dr. Alexis.


The attorneys said the deadline passed and neither Chamberlain nor Young Jamaica responded to the request.


Written By: Nichola Panton

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