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Double Murder in Manchester on Sunday Night – Suspect Arrested





Manchester, Jamaica (McN) – The Manchester police have confirmed that they have one man into custody, and are appealing to another man to turn himself in to police, in connection with the double murder of Rollando Thompson and  Kemar Reid in the parish on Sunday night.

Police say they have leader of the Grey Ground District gang, Rohan Smiley, also known as ‘Boomhead’ in their custody for questioning, as a person of interest at this time.

It is reported that after police took Smiley into custody, residents of Grey Ground District blocked the main roads late Wednesday night into Thursday morning, to protest Smiley’s police confinement.

Rollando Thompson, 27 and Kemar Reid, 33 of Comfort, Manchester were killed when gunmen opened fire on them on Sunday night.

Reports are that shortly after 9:00 p.m, Thompson and Reid both standing at the gate of Reid,when armed men approached and peppered both men with bullets, killing them both.

Thompson is believed to have visited Reid to help him fix his security camera, the men where reportedly shot and right after they worked on the camera at Reid’s house.

Police Appeals Manchester Double Murder Suspect – “Turn Yourself In”

The Manchester police to Kaschief Griffiths, of Comfort District, who police say is the primary suspect in the case, to turn himself in.

Griffiths, who was shot in January of this year, is believed to have retaliated by killing Thompson and Reid.

Police originally questioned if the shooting death of both men were in relation to lottery scamming, as Reid was before the court, charged with lottery scamming at the time of his death.

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