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Door-Stop Delivery a Lucrative Opportunity for Commercial Licence Holders

Door-Stop Delivery a Lucrative Opportunity for Commercial Licence Holders

Door-Stop Delivery a Lucrative Opportunity for Commercial Licence Holders


Managing Director of the Transport Authority of Jamaica (TAJ), Willard Hylton, is encouraging commercial licence holders (green plate) to take advantage of opportunities that are now available in the door-stop delivery sector.

Speaking in an interview with JIS News, recently, Mr. Hylton noted that door-stop delivery has become a very popular and lucrative service during the pandemic.

He said that there is potential for operators of commercial vehicles to earn a good income by entering this market.

Mr. Hylton told JIS News that there are 42,000 persons with such licences across the island, and the TAJ is willing to work with delivery companies to reach out to these operators.

He noted that already the TAJ has been approached by new Montego Bay-based food delivery company, Road Jockey, in this regard.

“We were very encouraged when the operators of Road Jockey came to us with their plan to reach out to the green-plate carriers. They were the first to have come to us to make such intentions known,” Mr. Hylton noted.

“We are willing to work with anybody as long as their plans are above board and transparent. Everybody has this thing about wanting to utilise the red plate carriers without realising that there would be less saturation if we could reach out to those with the commercial licences as well,” he pointed out.

Mr. Hylton told JIS News that it is the intention of the TAJ to reach out to the green-plate carriers “even those who need renewal to [assist them to] take advantage of these growing and available opportunities”.

He said that the offer will also include bikers and those who would want to switch their licences to facilitate commercial activities.

“We try to make the process as easy and as seamless as possible. There is no long wait and no red tape; that’s what we are here for – to facilitate our clients in the best and easiest way possible,” he said.

In the meantime, Chief Executive Officer of Road Jockey, Rajiv Maragh, said that having access to “so many” commercial operators would “speed up our plans” to take the door-stop food-delivery business islandwide.

“Our website is currently in play, and we begin operations in Montego Bay [where we are starting out] on November 1,” he informed.

“We wanted to do everything the correct way, so we went to the TAJ for advice, and they have guided us to where we are now ready to empower our drivers to make some good money. This is also good for our economy as a way of creating jobs and helping our people to get back to work,” he told JIS News.







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