Dogs Allegedly Found with Bodies of Dead Babies Missing from KPH in Downtown Kingston

Jamaica News, Kingston: The Opposition People’s National Party say they are now calling for an immediate probe, into the case of stray dogs being found with the bodies of two dead newborn babies which went missing from the KPH facility recently.

It is now being argued that, lack of care and improper means of disposal are the means which led to this horrific occurrence.

In the meanwhile, Opposition Spokesman on Health, Dr Dayton Campbell, is now questioning the integrity of the health administrator, Dr.  Petrece Charles Freeman, in her approach in investigating the incident as she is a Director of the South East Regional Health Authority which governs the Kingston Public Hospital.

In a news release issued by the PNP, the Opposition stated that this horrific incident reveals an unspeakable lack of care and mismanagement of the hospital system which warrants the ultimate sanctions.

The gruesome incident was brought to the attention of the public recently, where several stray dogs were discovered fighting over the bodies of two dead newborn babies.

The KPH administration and the Health Authority declared that they were carrying out immediate investigation into the incident, but the Opposition Party has now disclosed that the gruesome incident is not being investigated in the right way.

They also called that the administrative team at the KPH and the Regional Health Authority disclosed the number of newborns which have died at the facility between the periods of 2017 to 2018.


By Henry Bucknor

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