Doctor collapses at hospital, dies

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The cause of death of a doctor at the Annotto Bay Hospital, St Mary
is still unknow, according to the North-East Regional Health
Authority (NERHA).
He has been identified as Dr. Yakeev Morris, a Medical Intern,
assigned to the hospital’s Paediatric Ward just under a month ago.
News broke Thursday, August 12, regarding the death, with several
people on social media suggesting, without evidence, he had died
because of being on duty for more than 24 hours without a break.
The hospital did not respond to those allegations but NERHA gave
the following details:
“On Wednesday, August 12, Dr. Morris was in the process of
accompanying a clinical team with the transfer of a neonate from the
Paediatric Ward to the Bustamante Hospital for Children, when he
complained of dizziness and feeling unwell.  He subsequently
collapsed and was notably unresponsive.  He was immediately taken
to the Accident & Emergency Department, where despite every effort
by the medical team to resuscitate him he did not regain
consciousness.  He was pronounced dead at 6:50 pm.  The cause of
his death is unknown and will need to be determined by an autopsy, to
be scheduled.”
NERHA said it and the hospital had started grief counselling for staff
at the facility and extended condolences to the Medical Intern’s

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