DJ Mackwan Aims to Become one of the Finest Jamaican DJs

Jonathan Mckenzie better known as Dj Mackwan is on a path to music superstardom with his bold and fresh take as the remix DJ.

Not only is the innovative DJ burning up the airwaves as a resident DJ at Newstalk 93 FM every Saturday at 11 am to 1 pm on the Jumpstart feature, but he is also using his platform to shake up the game and bring something new to the table.

He said “When I am playing I incorporate a lot of remixes and try to use music to tell a story. As a result of that I spend a lot of time thinking about creative ideas for my sets. I love to manipulate sounds to create new sound effects, scratching and remixes to create short compositions when I am playing.  I aim to be as creative as I can, so I can get the wow effect from my audience.”

In addition, he is currently a contestant in the Clash of the Harddrives, a UTECH based DJ competition where he is a crowd favorite.

DJ Mackwan has also had the pleasure of playing at quite a few local parties, clubs, lounges as well as weddings and other corporate events and has even gone on to play on the international scale in Brooklyn, New York and as far as Alaska.

Though fairly new to the scene, the Edna Manley student’s aim is to work on becoming a household name by ultimately connecting with his audience by offering something fresh and at the same time something different.

“My job as a DJ is to elevate the energy of my audience by any means necessary. I think the major influence I have is to change the mood of individuals in a positive way and that is always my aim.”

Currently signed to Jumpstart Music and under the tutelage of Lee Pryce, DJ Mackwan is well on his way to turning his dreams into a reality to become one of the finest DJs to come out of Jamaica.

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