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DJ Alkaline and Tommy Lee Sparta’s Altercation Backstage

DJ Alkaline

Montego Bay, Jamaica (McKoy’s News) – DJ Alkaline and Tommy Lee Sparta’s Altercation: Reports are that Alkaline and Tommy Lee Sparta got into a heated argument backstage on Dancehall Night at Reggae Sumfest 2017. The argument developed between the two artistes, after the “Badness It Name” deejay dissed the “Uncle Demon” during his performance, according to the reports.

It is alleged that the entourage of Tommy Lee Sparta approached DJ Alkaline and his crew, immediately after Alkaline came off the stage Saturday morning. However, the police were on hand to speedily deactivate the situation but event organizers are trying to keep it “hush, hush”.

“A lot of things happened the night that they don’t want the public to know, the show was very disorganized and they were making a ton of last minute changes,” sources told media reporters.

“There was also an incident with Alkaline and Tommy Lee backstage after he dissed him but thank God there was a heavy police presence.”

Alkaline, who had performed right before Tommy Lee Sparta, had upped the stakes by dissing the “Spartan Soldier.” Upon starting his set, Tommy Lee Sparta wasted no time in going after the “Champion Boy” artist.

“Mi see some bwoy ah try hold out the show,” he said, before going into his “Not A Badness” diss track aimed at Alkaline.

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