DJ Ageless Ready To Make A Name

St. James, Jamaica (McKoy’s News)- DJ Ageless Ready To Make A Name“I Am ready like Freddy.” said a confident DJ who goes by the name of Ageless. The Coombs Lane- born resident has been in the music business for well over two decades, but has not got the long-awaited recognition he so deserves.

During his early days at Corinaldi Avenue Primary, he never took it so seriously until he migrated to live with his mother in the USA at age 12. Christened, Duaine Lloyd, he spent most of his time in the USA. , but despite that still hoped to get his musical career off the ground.

DJ Ageless first gained recognition in a group called ‘Young Rich’, where he was their main songwriter, penning several songs for them. Two of the most popular ones were,’ Its Time, and What You Gonna Do’.

At one time he and the group were under the management of Specialist, who was also Shabba Ranks’ manager.

His latest song that he is now promoting is called ‘Its Not Cool, a combination with Patricia, who is a member of the Grace Thriller Gospel group. Other releases for him also includes ‘Cherish Your Life, ‘Proud To Be a Jamaican, and ‘The Best Nana. At the moment Frank Smith is helping out with his management team. At one time he was also a producer, producing songs from Determine, Singer J, Coco Tea, Grindsman and Trini.

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