District Constable Charged  for Possession of Stolen Motor Vehicle

Jamaica Crime News, St Catherine: Investigators attached to the Inspectorate of Constabulary  (IOC) and the St Catherine South Police say criminal charges have now been laid against the District Constable who was arrested on Wednesday, July 18, in connection with two stolen motor vehicle.

He has been charged with possession of stolen motor vehicle and will appear in Court at a later date.

Reports by the St Catherine South police are that about 2:30 p.m. on Wednesday,  a team of officers were carrying out patrols duties along a section of the East-West Toll Road.

The lawmen signalled the driver of a Nissan Tida motor car to stop and he complied.  Upon observing the vehicle, it was discovered to be stolen.

The driver then informed the officers that he purchased the vehicle from the District Constable.  The investigators summoned the District Constable and upon arrival at the station, he was questioned.

It was also observed that a Toyota Axio motor car which the accused District Constable drove to the station, was also stolen from the parish of Westmoreland.

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