“Disgraceful Times for the Rasta Movement”, says Foota Hype after Lila Ike’ comes out as Lesbian

Popular Sound System Selector Foota Hype has a few words to share following Reggae Singer Lila Ike’s revelation that she’s “into women”.

Foota took to social media, calling it “Disgraceful times for the (Rasta) movement, saying: “1 a di real rasta affi step up and bun a fire pon di corruption weh a damage the image and characteristics of RAS-TAFARI”.

As previously reported, Lila Ike who’s part of Protoje’s In.Digg.Nation Camp, has revealed that she’s into women. In a series of twitter posts Sunday, the Where I Am Coming From singer implied that there were threats to “expose” her sexuality. “So what if I am into women? My music isn’t real?”

“Expose all you want…..If pictures are released I said it first.”

Many social media users are in agreement with Foota Hype’s comment. One user wrote: “U know seh times changed dem new Rasta names is Babylonrasta 😂 dem sellout for silver and forgot de gold”.

Another wrote: “RASTA THING DUN BREDDA!!! That was back then.. Nobody has faith inna Rasta thing again. So u know say corruption ago swamp the land and eventually the whole land and culture just transform. It’s a different culture and land from back inna days G”.

Lila rose to stardom after signing with In.Digg.Nation in 2017. She released songs such Where I’m Coming From, Biggest Fan, Second Chance, Solitude and I Spy.

He EP, The Experience has been nominated for a MOBO Award.

1 thought on ““Disgraceful Times for the Rasta Movement”, says Foota Hype after Lila Ike’ comes out as Lesbian”

  1. Rasta ting stay suh longtime ano just now…. Him fi seh it dus a show. Foota himself is gay! He’s just not ready to come out plus he tapped into something he himself don’t fully innerstand.

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