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Discovered body in Hatfield, St. James is that of Grenada Man

St. James, Jamaica (McN) – The parish of St. James been plagued with gruesome murders in recent years, the frightening discovery of the  body of a man, found in bushes in the parish, riddled with gunshot wounds. Both hands were said to be tightly bound and the mouth gagged.


A discovered body in Hatfield, St. James is now the cause of a major ongoing investigation by the police

On Tuesday, March 28, the police were summoned to the scene of an unidentified body, which they later understood to be that of James Raynor, found in the bushes in Ironshore by residents.


James Raynor, a 55 year old man from Bermuda, was said to have been travelling back and forth from Jamaica, to Bermuda for twenty years. He was currently residing in Bogue, St. James.


No motive has yet been determined for the dastardly act, but the police are theorizing that Mr. Raynor was killed elsewhere, then dumped in the community.


Since the start of the year, over 125 people has been killed in the parish, 25 more than last year to date and the discovered body, has been added to that list.


“There are a few miscreants, brutal characters that are carrying out this sort of criminal activity, threatening the lives of innocent people, including women and children. It has to stop!” Strong words from Member of Parliament for St. James North Western, Dr. Horace Chang


“The security forces are working hard, the Government will take whatever steps are required to reinforce their position… work with them to re-establish control of the streets, and give security to the people of this town,” Dr Chang expressed.


The police are working tirelessly to contain the crime in St.James, and are urging persons to corporate with them, abide by the law and help to bring the friendly city to its name as the resourceful parish, known for tourism, call centers which provides mass employment, and its beauty should not be marred by violence.

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