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Disaster Strikes Knutsford Express

Antonio Mckoy CEO - Mckoy's News

Montego Bay, St James (McKoy’s News) – Disaster Strikes Knutsford Express: The widely popular luxury styled, Knutsford Express bus service located at The Sangster’s International Airport, hit a blow when fire destroyed buildings under construction that were to be used as a base for picking up travelers using its services.

Reports reaching the McKoy’s News are that, the fire was allegedly started at approximately 7 pm on Saturday, May 20 in a section of one of the buildings where they were storing solar panels; two container buildings were affected.

Firefighters from the Freeport Fire Station, the Ironshore Fire Station, emergency personnel from the Airport were swiftly on the scene to put out the blaze.

Even though the fire was an alarming incident and a safety issue at the airport, overall it did not affect the current operations that were in progress in regards to travel.

The goal of the new terminal that was under construction by Knutsford Xpress is to make it easier for travelers using the service to go to and from the Airport, which promotes ease of travel.

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