Ding Dong Ravers Reminds Everyone That It’s ‘Fi Wi Dancehall’ in New Music Video: Watch

Ding Dong Ravers Reminds Everyone That It’s ‘Fi Wi Dancehall’ in New Music Video: Watch

Dancehall artiste and renowned dancer Ding Dong has teamed up with Shabdon Records for his latest musical release. The title of the track is Fi Wi Dancehall and fans can head on over to the deejay’s VEVO page to check out the dance infused music video, which premiered yesterday on March 1st, 2020.

Ding Dong released another track Talk just 2 days prior to Fi Wi Dancehall but it seems like the latter is getting a better response, as it has amassed 90k view counts so far which is 65% more than Talk with a lagging 25k views.

The acoustics for Fi Wi Dancehall is something we’ve come accustomed to hearing from the Ravers Clavers deejay, nonetheless he never disappoints in creating a vibe that is always sizzling and trendy. Even though it seems as if it has always been his dancehall, Ding Dong wants it to be official.

The intro of the track mentions a brief tribute to the legendary dancer Bogle, referring to him with a quick-witted rhyme, “him lef mi wid the key but him bury with the lock”. Then the deejay goes on to say, “catch da rock yah” as he introduces a new dance move, ‘The Rock’.

If you catch the moves to the rock there will be some benefits to look forward to. The lyrics say, “Da dance wanted by everybody dem say a killer”,  “Yuh see da rock yah, fuuking up the world, white livah, nutt’n weh yuh see a white rivah” and “the rock will make yuh fasta than a bullet 9.58”

The music video shows him self and his dance crew delivering the expert moves to execute The Rock among a hoard of other socialites doing their own moves as well. The beat will bring you to your feet to even try The Rock yourself, check out the visuals for Fi Wi Dancehall below.


Source: Dancehallmag

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