Ding Dong And The Ravers Release New Video, ‘Mirror’

Dancehall artist Ding Dong is making sure Jamaicans will be ready for the next local party (whenever that will be) with his latest single and dance, ‘Mirror‘.

The song is a spin on the popular Disney saying “Mirror, Mirror, on the wall” from the Snow White animation. In the video, Ding Dong is clearly hyping himself up as he gets ready to do, as many people do.

“Mirror, mirror, mirror, mirror, mirror on the wall/who’s the mother flipping illest, freshest of them all?”, he deejays, sticking to the family-friendly, corporate-friendly lyrics that Ding Dong has been known for.

The accompanying video is the best attempt at making a party music video during a pandemic. In the visuals, he gets a trim and then puts on his best outfit and jewelry while hyping himself up in the mirror- the normal routine for many Jamaican men before they go out.

Ding Dong then assembles his team- the ravers clavers crew, who put on their best and dance in an empty driveway and another empty space. Of course, the video would not be complete without the classic dancehall video element: beautiful Jamaican women, who surround the artist while he deejays in the house.

While dancehall fans are feeling the song, there are some who think that the dance, called Mirror Mirror, was originated by another major dancehall artiste, Tommy Lee Sparta.

A few fans left comments under the video saying they believe that the dance was first done by the Sparta MC. “Tommy lee dance   with a twist”, commented one fan, while others said, “Me hope tommy lee get a check”, “Better unuh did send Tommy dance a road than teef it and build dis…. jah know Star smh” and “Tommy lee step u tek weh ding n refix it…but a d baddest thing.”

Regardless of what some of the fans think, Ding Dong and the Ravers have both another hit single and another popular dance on their hands. The video is currently number 10 on Youtube’s trending videos in Jamaica.

Watch the video below:


Source: Dancehallmag

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