Family Life: Different Types of Abuse

Different Types of Abuse

What is abuse?

Abuse is cruel and many cases the attempt of violent treatment of a person trying to control the life of another.  It is the violation of trust. Its inflicting pains physically or emotionally.  In our world today there are many abusers, they inflict pains on others, ignoring or not being aware of the future consequences for the victims inflicted.

Let’s look at some of the different types of abuse

  • Physical abuse
  • Emotional abuse
  • Financial abuse
  • Sexual abuse
  • Spiritual abuse
  • Domestic abuse

Physical abuse

Hitting, pinching, beating, grabbing, using objects.  In many family circles, hitting is a welcome guest in the home.  It becomes a way of life.  On many occasions, children and females are often the victims of this cruelty.  In some cases, men are victims of cruelty from women.  Many parents deem it necessary to pinch their children, either on the ear or parts of the body with the thought its a way to discipline the child.  No, this is an act against humanity and should be strongly discouraged. Why is it necessary to grab a person to get the message across to them?  Why is it necessary in anyway?  Remember its a form of physical abuse.  At times objects are used in physical abusing a person.  Straps, rulers, board, electrical cords, hands, feet and so on.  This is wrong and in the eyes of the law, is abuse.  Victims of this type of abuse suffer very terribly from such experiences.  Some of who end up being abusers themselves.

Emotional abuse

Are you in a relationship that you consider is good where there are harsh words, quarreling, used continually?  This may not give you any form of physical scars but the hurts and the pains from these experiences will develop into a permanent emotional damage for the person or persons involved.   Do not blame yourself for what has happened.  If you find yourself in a relationship, or an environment whether it be in the home, work or with friends or people you have contact with, seek help.  Its no shame to seek help to understand what is happening to you and to help you to progress further with your life.  This type of abuse is designed for you to lose your self-worth. 

Financial abuse

In many relationships this is another way of controlling a person’s life, not enabling the person to have control over their finances.  Let’s look at some way a person can be abused financially.   This is a very subtle behaviour.  You may be told that if you and your spouse or the person you are in a relationship with cannot have a joint account then you dont love them, dont believe or accept this behaviour.  Its a form of financial abuse to gain control over your finances.  Overdrafts on your account without your permission, loans in your name and you did not approve this.  If you try to discuss your finance, there is an argument or you could even risk being beaten up for mentioning.  This is financial abuse and you should try to talk with someone you can confide in to help you to seek help or do it yourself if you have the strength and courage to do so. 

Sexual abuse 

I just wonder who gave the rights to a person to trespass on the dignity of another person’s body. If you are forced into any sexual activity and you did not consent to this, its an abuse.  It does not matter if its a matter of seconds or hours.  This can happen to men, women, boys or girls.   Sexual abuse is not only limited to physical contact, this can also be done electronically, harassing a person with sexually explicit information.  No, sex is exempted from this derogatory behaviour.

Spiritual abuse

Spiritual abuse is when a Spiritual leader who has authority, whether it be a Pastor or  Preist wilfully tries to control the individuals in their gathering.  This is another way of manipulating the lives of innocent people who are very faithful to their beliefs.  Does your spiritual leader teaches that God speaks through them alone, do you feel isolated from other spiritual groups or teaching and is not allowed to question authority, are you being demanded to pay tithing or you could risk going to hell, is there the use of scriptures or spiritual materials used scare to create fear in your life? This is all abuse.  No spiritual leader is having the right to rain down man-made rules to control the life of another person.  Each person, each soul is seeking the path to righteousness.  On this path, no one has the right to abuse the trust and faith of the innocent.

Contributed by: Martha Angela Bjørke, Women Equality and Rights Executive

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