Diel Is Serenading Moms For Mother’s Day Though Digital Postcards

Mother’s Day is usually accompanied by luxurious spa dates, fresh flowers and elegant dinner outings, all sealed with hugs and kisses. But with the faceless coronavirus haunting nations worldwide, the annual jubilee may see many people socially distant from the one they call mom, disrupting the usual flow of gift-giving.

Recognising the importance of the royal day, fusion singer Diel is offering a “virtual MOMent” by serenading moms worldover through a personalised digital postcard.

“COVID-19 has impacted so many people worldwide; some have lost their mom and won’t be able to use this Mother’s Day to shower her with love,” Diel told DancehallMag. “For those of us who are lucky enough to have our mothers around, it’s just another way to gift her with something that physically demonstrates how greatly she is loved and adored; something dedicated to her that makes her feel like she is the number one mother in the world…because for each of us, our mother is just that.”

Diel’s treat comes in two packages: 10K Diamond for JMD$10,000 and 5K Gold for JMD$5000. The former bundle includes two songs; a personalised version of Diel’s Majesty and an additional song from a curated song bank. The client can choose one of five tracks: Stevie Wonder’s Isn’t She Lovely, Tarrus Riley’s She’s Royal, Josh Groban’s You Raised Me Up, A Song for Mama by Boyz II Men and My Girl by The Temptations. The package also includes a video montage using submitted photos and a personalized message to mom.

The 5K Gold package sees Diel singing a personalized version of Majesty and also sending an individualised message.

The singer said the concept was born after he serenaded a mom for her 50th birthday at the request of her daughter. Based on the joyous feedback, Diel decided to offer packages to allow loved ones to honour their moms in an untraditional yet thoughtful way. With Mother’s Day around the corner, Diel said the promotion has been a hit.

“We have been getting requests from as far as Japan and Germany, we are now thinking we may have to have a cut-off time for taking requests because of the amount coming in,” he said. “I think because a lot of people won’t be able to be with their mothers because of the pandemic, they see it as a way to still make the effort to ensure she feels loved and appreciated. Going out to dinner is nice but when that food is done, it’s pretty much gone forever. With this video, she will have it for a lifetime.”

Interested participants can access the packages on Diel’s website.


Source: Dancehallmag

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