Did Intence ‘Question’ Vybz Kartel? Watch His New Video

Dem tings yah mek dancehall nice again!

Intence seems to rhetorically respond to the several recent disses from the Worl’ Boss Vybz Kartel in the intro of his latest song titled ‘Question’.

In what seems to be quick-response from the Intence team, producers from Drop Top Records and Karey Records wasted no time to package vocals and video for ‘Question’, which was released today (April 13, 2020).  Though, the young artiste apparently still has never heard of Sikka Rymes.

The new video, opens with a mocking word-throwing voice over from Intence, “Some man nah get nuh cr.tches, dem fi stop chat; a holiday alone dem f..k, dem nuh dat hot…”

Allegedly capitalizing on Vybz Kartel‘s state of incarceration, and his obvious lack of female company, the Kintre based artiste is said to have taken what Gaza fans are calling a low blow at the Worl’ Boss. Instead of responding to the specific allegations and disses made by Kartel, the Critics artiste seems to have responded with a rather personal ‘Question’.

Surrounded by short-shorts posing females, the artiste asks a series of questions, moving from one room to another, met by one female and then another. As he moves through, making his impact on the female stock, he asks his questions “You eva mek a gyal mad yet? Yuh eva mek yuh gyal ketch yuh a f…k a nedda gyal yet?” Answering “No” each time he asks a question.

The identity of who he is questioning remains hidden.

As the Dawgs Dem artiste quickly ends the one-man conversation, he proceeds to talk his mind in boasts of his own frequent and dynamic sexual encounters. He highlighted occasions, where his girlfriend walks-in on him and another woman in an active sexual occasion; or instances when his girlfriend adds a second female to their own escape –“Mi gyal bring gyal fi mi f…k it, threesome; foreign gyal whe deh abroad a mi income…carry p…sy feeling till you an gyal inna malice, no…”

The artiste continues to detail his encounters, even when his main girl finds out he has strayed from fidelity, and how he calms the situation with his hard offering.

After repeating the rhymes and saucy lines of his new jam, before exiting a room of females confronting each other, the artiste shows the FU – middle finger, perhaps to the one whom the questions are addressed.

Intence, has certainly thrown his corn and is yet to call a fowl.  He has thrown the stone, and now the ears of dancehall are perched in wait of the response from the pig who squeals.

Watch Intence’s video for Question below.


Source: Dancehallmag

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