Did Dancehall Artiste Teejay the “Uptopboss” Diss Alkaline in his New Song “Draco”?

Dancehall artiste Teejay released his new song on“Draco” which is produced by Chimney Records this was released yesterday.

Numerous dancehall fans on YouTube are speculating whether he diss alkaline in the track “Draco”

The artist stated in a line in his song saying that.

“never kill no man ina no traffic”
Could it be he’s addressing the line in alkaline song “state of emergency “

“A mi say anyway a could inna traffic”

One viewer commented and say
“ mi really waa know who teejay a tlk g hope ano alkaline caz man have ratings fi u suh nuh try dat”
This is not the first time the uptopboss been accused of attacking alkaline.

In his track “baller” the line

“Seh dem lock di place, but mi stole dem city”
Alkaline has a song called “city”


by Jevauhani Nelson

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