“Dexta Daps Should not be Blamed for Overcrowded Concerts” – Ikaya

Recording Artiste Ikaya feels it’s unfair for her and Dexta Daps to be blamed for hosting overcrowded concerts in New York and New Jersey recently.

The entertainers came under heavy criticisms, after viral videos showed them hosting concerts with packed audiences, seemingly going against coronavirus guidelines in those states.

In a Billboard Article, Ikaya states that who is featured on Daps’ song “Nosey Neighbors”,said that not identifying the venues before the shows did not make these “secret” concerts, and that the promoter and organizers adhered to safety regulations and protocols to keep the “hundreds of concertgoers” safe.

Ikaya insists that the team did what they could to keep their fans as well as themselves safe.

She and her publicist, who was at both concerts, also note that their team was aware of the health guidelines issued by New York and New Jersey, and that permits for the shows were approved.

The Eventbrite ticket listings did note that there would be limited capacity for both the Brooklyn and Hillside, N.J., shows.

In addition, attendees would be given temperature checks before entry, masks and social distancing required, and hand sanitizer available. Anyone showing symptoms was to be turned away.

The listed restrictions do appear to adhere to the requirements New York and New Jersey have set in place, though the Garden State also caps outdoor gatherings at 500.

But despite these guidelines, videos on social media showed attendees apparently crowded in front of the stage, with some concertgoers appearing to not wear masks.

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