Dexta Daps’ ‘secret’ concert pulls huge crowd of mask-less fans

Dancehall Artisre Dexta Daps drew a packed crowd for a blow-out Brooklyn concert in defiance of COVID-19 recommendations, according to shocking videos posted to social media.

Footage shared to Instagram on Saturday night shows the Jamaican entertainer on stage hyping up what appeared to be hundreds of fans packed tightly at an undisclosed outdoor venue.

In another clip, fellow Jamaican vocalist Ikaya joined him on stage to serenade the concertgoers, many of whom were not wearing masks.

“No mask what happen to social distance have mercy on y’all soul,” wrote one user on a video of the tightly-packed crowd on promoter Steelie Bashment’s Instagram page.

Another added, “I will never attend any of these events because these promoters [are about] them and their money. We have to protect ourselves.”

Under the state’s COVID-19 guidelines, outdoor entertainment-related activities are only allowed to resume at 33% capacity and with six feet of distance between people.

It’s unclear where exactly the Brooklyn venue was located, but the events page advertised it as a “special, exclusive day party at a secret location” in the borough.

Daps also promoted the gig which sold tickets starting at $50 on his own Instagram page.

He wrote “NYC its been a long time, Sept 26 + 27 I’ll be back on stage.”

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