Dexta Daps Gets Caught Up In Megan Thee Stallion’s Latest Bikini Thirst Trap

American rapper and singer Megan Thee Stallion, scorched up her timeline today both on Twitter and Instagram with one of her usual thirst trap photos.

With a simple black bikini barely holding on to her bodacious bod, hot girl Meg surprised followers especially from the islands with her suggestive caption, “Bring it to d owna  ”.

Those who know Jamaican dancehall artiste Dexta Daps can discern the infamous tagline from his hit 2017 single Bring It To The Owner, and also what the title means. Dexta’s obnoxious take-charge and bad boy approach portrayed in the lyrics has certainly been exciting his female fans and clearly Megan as well.

A few weeks ago on March 9th she disclosed on Teen Vogue’s ‘The Playlist of My Life’ that Bring It To The Owner secures the #2 spot on her playlist of all time. The self proclaimed ‘hot girl coach’ said she first heard Dexta when she was once touring in London. During a car ride, her tour guide/security guard Kadeem, fired up his playlist and sounded off the deejay’s song.

Megan said she asked, “What’s that? … The flavor,” further adding, “the whole time we were in Europe, this is all we listened to over and over again.”

Imagine the rapture when Dexta got wind of the news, he shared Megan’s Teen Vogue feature on his Instagram page the following day with a shoutout to both Kadeem and Stallion.

It didn’t take him long to reply to her post today either.

Dexter added Megan’s bikini thirst trap photo on his IG story with the caption, “Myyy bad blxxdclawt gyal.”

One Twitter user also replied and hilariously tried to update Meg on Dexta’s latest hit, Breaking News.  “No girl we a poison them now”, she said.

Meg was all up in her mood today, liming and sunning on her balcony while serving curves for days. Either this sex kitten is sending a message to a deliberate flame or simply enticing her unsuspecting male admirers.

Regardless, they sure are ‘bringing it’ to the sexy rapper (after all everyone knows she ‘owns’ her guy fans), a flood of aroused reactions are currently growing on her Twitter page and her Likes are frequently flipping at an increasing rate.

If her excitable post wasn’t enough, Megan also shared her phone number with everyone on her IG page in a follow up post. Creating what appears to be a little promo video, Thee Stallion that is Megan’s body is flaunted across the screen still wearing her tiny black bikini while she encourages fans to call in and promises that ‘ITS REALLY ME!’ She also screenshot a convo with a fan to prove that she really is responding to people who texts her.

Megan Thee Stallion’s Savage remix with Beyonce is so far her highest charting position on the Billboard Hot 100 at No. 2.


Source: Dancehallmag

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