Dexta Daps’ ‘Breaking News’ Is The No.1 Song In Jamaica, Yet Many Prefer The IG Version

Dancehall artiste Dexta Daps continues to make headlines as his new single Breaking News peaked at #1 on YouTube’s Popular In Jamaica today. The coup comes with great reproach as many fans and critics alike seem to prefer the short acoustic version that he had released on his Instagram page back in March of this year.

The Instagram version, even though unfinished at the time had seemingly better supporting instrumentals. The tempo was slightly faster and hitting higher pulses while the completed and released composition sounds a bit more subdued.

Music producer Mark Myrie, also popularly known as the son of the Reggae legend Buju Banton, had something to say about Dexter’s final choice in riddim selection for the track. He re-tweeted a video of a fan rocking to the released version of the Breaking News single and said, “When song hit nuff time artiste ego mek dem beleive a dem alone do it but look how important riddim/production is, diff riddim and d song lose the whole entire vibe.”

Producers oftentimes never get the credit they deserve, so its no surprise he had this to say. Also in agreement with the masses, Myrie established that the track’s current riddim has lost its vibe – this he states in his professional opinion.

Despite the song landing a spot at the top of the trending list, many are pretty vocal in expressing their disappointment with the finished version.

On Twitter, one fan said, “Suh a when Dexta Daps aguh release the Instagram version of Breaking News??” and another tweeted, “Dexta daps is going to need to release breaking news with the original instrumental because the new ting doesn’t hit the same.”  Yet another fan shared the same sentiments, “Ahhh so dexta daps released breaking news and I prefer the short video than the song”.

Daps, who dropped the track after his release from police custody, doesn’t seem to be bothered by all the chiding and neither is his producer Flow Papi (@flowknows) of God Flow Production. The two posted clips of the official audio yesterday in celebrating the success of the track. Dexter posted the news on IG and quoted the track’s favorite verse: “BREAKING NEWS  #1 trending gotta luv music lovers U 2 NICE 2 HIM D BWOY LOVE HIM BELLY JUSS…”.

While Flow Papi proudly tweeted “Produced by ya boy! Mawwwddddd.”

There is no telling whether the riddim had much effect on the success of the track, after all peaking at #1 is a great accomplishment but staying in that spot is an even bigger feat.  Especially since the King of Dancehall Vybz Kartel just released a new single with Lisa Mercedez titled Run Dancehall.

Listen to the Instagram version and the official audio for Breaking News below.


Source: Dancehallmag

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